The first game of Devious-Monkey, coming to AppStore soon !

DumbBlocks is a little “puzzle-game” freely inspired from the old game : “Same Game”.

Same blocks The rules are very simple.

Game starts with no (dumb) block on field.
Blocks fall down to the playing field and must be captured by selecting one of a group of adjoining blocks of the same color.

The player may capture them from the screen by touching them.

  • Blocks may also be dragg'n dropped.

For a given level, the player has to capture a number of big blocks with a time limit.

  • Level ends when this number is reached.

mitose Big blocks have a limited life, after a while, big blocks divide themself into two small blocks, then the small blocks disapear.

  • Small blocks can be captured but they amount twice less than a big.

There are two special blocks:

Rainbow block

  • Rainbow block : replaces any block.

Bomb block

  • Bomb block : explodes after few seconds and break up other blocks.